Religious Groups

Changing Attitude Ireland

Transgender non-Binary intersex Northern Ireland“CAI is a Church of Ireland organisation, working for the full inclusion of LGBT+ people within the Church and the wider Anglican Communion.”

Christians Together at Pride

“A joyful, loving, affirming Christian presence at Belfast Pride on Saturday 3 August. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, a supporter – join us!”

Humanist Association of Northern Ireland

Trans transgender intersex non-Binary Northern Ireland“The Humanist Association of Northern Ireland (Humani) promotes secular humanism, freethought, tolerance, compromise and community in society.”

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church Of Ireland

“In their uniting principles the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church Of Ireland:

  • “asserts and upholds the right of each and every individual to search these scriptural records for themselves and to use reason and personal conscience to discover God’s Divine Truth
  • removes Human Tests and Confessions of Faith that restrict private judgement and prevent free enquiry”

Northern Ireland Humanists

Trans transgender non-Binary intersex Northern Ireland“Northern Ireland Humanists is a part of Humanists UK, working with the Humanist Association of Ireland.”

The Parish Church Of St George

Trans non-binary intersex transgender northern ireland“Welcome to the Parish of St. George a diverse, inclusive and vibrant community of Christians in Belfast city centre.”