Have you ever struggled to find shoes that fit you? Does your barber or hairdresser not accept you as a trans, non-binary or intersex person? Has your church not accepted your new gender identity?

Welcome to the Trans Information Directory, Trans Pride NI’s trans-friendly business and organisation’s listing website for Northern Ireland, funded by the Department for Communities and Belfast City Council!

Please contact us if you would like your trans, intersex and non-binary business or organisation to be added to this website. These businesses and organisations have been found to be trans-friendly by Trans Pride NI members. Trans Pride NI cannot be held responsible or liable for the listing of businesses or organisations that are not trans-friendly. Please also contact us if you want your business or organisation removed, you do not think a business or organisation is trans-friendly, or you want a listing edited.

Trans Information Directory has been grant aided by Belfast City Council. The views expressed are not necessarily shared or endorsed by the Council. The Council does not accept any responsibility or liability for the same.